St Piran’s Day Celebrations

28th February 2017

Here in Perranporth we know how to celebrate St Piran’s Day! Take a look at our local what’s on guide and get involved in the festivities!

St Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall, banished from Ireland by a jealous king in the 5th Century AD and thrown out to sea with a millstone tied to his foot to drown, only to survive the ordeal and float down to Cornwall where he eventually landed right here at Perranporth beach (we take our name “Perran” from him). He made himself at home here, establishing the Oratory, having quite a few pints and then discovering tin, which lead to Cornwall for a while being one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

Sunday 5th March 2017

The annual St Piran Play is a traditional promenade play starting at Piran Point (up at Perran Sands) at 2pm, lasting around 90 minutes, with scenes taking place at The Oratory and Old Church. Free parking is available at Perran Sands and it is free to take park in the march. All ages are welcome. Bring your St Pirans flag to wave!

Then head in to the village where the Tywarnhayle Pub are putting on a Cakey Tea, pasties and delicious Cornish specialities including Stargazey Pie. A local choir will be performing traditional Cornish songs and sea shanties to mark the occasion. Just mind you don’t end up “as drunk as a Perraner”!

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