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5 fun facts about Cornwall

If you’re thinking about staying with us in Cornwall this summer, here are five interesting facts about our gorgeous county that you may not already know.

Cornwall is home to the best beaches in the UK

Cornwall has some truly spectacular beaches. With dramatic cliff tops, a stunning coastline and clear waters, the county’s golden sandy beaches are extremely popular.  Cornwall is almost surrounded by sea, and has the longest coastline in Britain: at 422 miles long, 158 miles of it is designated as Heritage Coast.

It has the best weather in the country

In general, the weather is more temperate in Cornwall than other areas of the country, and in July we get almost eight hours of sunshine!  Back in 2014, it was reported that the sea temperature in Cornwall was actually hotter than it was in California, USA.

Cornish pasty origins

The Cornish pasty was originally made to feed the Cornish miners whilst they were hard at work. Back then, the pasty was designed to be half savoury and half sweet. The crust of the pasty was for the miners to hold onto while they ate and was then discarded – the idea being to avoid eating any dangerous chemicals that could be on their hands.

The Cornish pasty is still very much associated with Cornwall today, it’s part of our history and culture.

Thousands of cows

Did you know that Cornwall is home to over 75,000 cows? It’s this huge amount of cows that make it easy for Cornwall to be renowned for their cream teas and ice cream!

Cornish ice cream is made with clotted cream and mixed with ice cream produced using milk from local farms, and it’s truly delicious! A Cornish cream tea includes, of course, scones with jam and a big dollop of indulgent clotted cream.

St Piran’s Day

Cornwall have their very own national day, which is celebrated on the 5th March. St Piran’s Day is named after the patron saint of Cornwall and is celebrated throughout the county, with traditional music and dancing, and re-enactments of St Piran’s arrival to Cornwall.

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