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Decorate to accummulate

Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint and a few new cushions to refresh and lift a tired property, other times you may be looking to completely renovate. Whatever your plans, we have some hints and tips to make your holiday property as appealing as possible.

Photo ready

The images of a property can be the deciding factor in choosing a place to holiday. 34% of people will look for a holiday on Instagram, and an astounding 40% of people choose a holiday based on how Instagrammable it is! It’s therefore really worthwhile making your holiday home as photogenic as possible, firstly to attract guests, and then to have those guests promote it for you for free!

The entrance

First impressions count. A house sign will help to make it easy for guests to find the property, a secure entrance will put their minds at rest, and a front door opening to a light and welcoming entrance, clear of clutter and with space for coats and shoes, will start a holiday off on the right foot.

Add colour

If you want to catch people’s eye and make a room stand out, add touches of colour throughout such as cushions on a sofa, co-ordinating curtains, throws, rugs and ornaments. Or be bold with a statement wall in a colour or pattern and use the shade as an accent throughout the rest of the room.

Choose muted shades that will look good but also stand the test of time; light shades show marks and dirt more and dark shades can look too harsh. For example, a black sofa can look severe, whereas a brown or grey one is softer on the eye and more inviting.

Little details

Little details, showing care and attention to the overall look, can make a property more appealing: simply updating furnishings with a new bed throw or curtains can make a property feel fresh again.

Think of a theme

Consider having a theme throughout the property. Guests have come on holiday to the seaside, and therefore like a coastal beachy feel to their accommodation. This could be expressed through the colours used and/or a few select ornaments, a shell lampshade, beach scene painting, or Cornish ware in the kitchen are just a few examples.

Textiles and textures

Think about the textures used in your property. A cosy throw, velvet cushions, or soft rug can help to promote a homely and welcoming feel. Choose durable fabrics in darker hues so that the inevitable marks aren’t so obvious.

Add personality

Showcase a select few interesting artefacts, or create a gallery wall of artwork, photos or prints. Be inspired by the surrounding area, stunning scenery and local history.

Minimise clutter

A few statement pieces will add atmosphere, however too many will make the space feel cluttered and smaller. Lots of ornaments also collect dust and will increase cleaning time!

Maximise mirrors

Mirrors make a small space seem bigger and if hung opposite a window can increase the amount of natural light in a room. Ensure the mirror reflects an attractive view or angle, or place it in a focal space such as above a fireplace.

Focus on furnishings

Good quality, durable and robust furniture is important in a holiday let as it will get a lot of use. Guests who book self-catering properties are looking for a comfortable place to stay with personality rather than a uniform hotel environment: furniture can be mixed and matched as long as there is an overall co-ordinating style.

It’s important to provide enough dining and comfortable seating for the number of guests your property sleeps, without over filling a room; think about the number of people your property can comfortably accommodate.

Added extras

Remember the essentials so your guests have everything they need to hand for a relaxing and homely stay. Make sure you have all the items listed in our inventory and added extras are always a bonus. Leaving books, DVDs, and board games are a lovely touch for guests to enjoy, and perhaps even some beach toys for children to use. However, be prepared that some may go missing, so these needn’t be expensive or numerous.

Giving some thought and attention to the presentation of your property can make the difference between a guest flicking past your listing, or stopping to take a closer look. And then on visiting, the guest should be happy in the confirmation that they made the right choice. Hopefully they’ll be sharing photos of your beautiful holiday let on Instagram before their weeks’ holiday is out!

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