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Top tips for surfing in Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for surfing, from the iconic Fistral beach in Newquay,  home to many national surf competitions including the annual surf festival Boardmasters. With three miles of sandy beach and rolling waves, Perranporth is the perfect place to learn. Before you book your surf lesson in Perranporth, get some inside knowledge from local surf instructor Julian, from Stoked Surf School.

There’s no denying that surfing is tricky stuff. It can be hard work, a lot of fun and frustrating when you are just starting out, but it is so worth it! So here are my top tips for beginner surfers…

Get your stance right.
Make sure your feet are wide enough apart. Just think logically, if you have your feet a solid distance apart you will be more balanced on the board.

Don’t look down!
Keep your head up guys. Imagine riding a bike down a mountain, you’re not going to look at the handlebars, are you? You’re going to lift your head up and enjoy the view. It’s the same with surfing, so enjoy it! You will also have a lot more stability.

Hands down!
To help with your balance and stability, keep your hands down by your side until the very last minute. Don’t bring them up too soon!

Prone position.
The prone position is the lying down position on the board, a fundamental basic! If you are too far forward, your weight will be off balance and you will ‘nose dive’ or if you are too far back, your weight will be too heavy on the back off the board making it very hard to catch the wave, which is what it’s all about.

Time your paddle.
If you paddle too soon, you’ll be too far out in front and the wave can fizzle out. Or if you paddle too late, you may flip over with the wave. Once you’ve mastered your timing, there’ll be no stopping you!

Above all have fun and enjoy the ride!

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