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Getting your property photo-ready

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is certainly the case when promoting holiday letting properties.

Prospective guests are drawn to inviting, engaging images where they can imagine themselves relaxing, eating, drinking and enjoying family time together. Presenting excellent property photos is therefore a vital tool in selling your holiday home, and we have a few tips and tricks to help…

What Duchy Holidays will do

We understand the importance of great images, and for that reason we regularly review and update property photography to ensure we’re showcasing your self-catering accommodation to its best advantage.

At Duchy Holidays we follow best practise to get your property photos right; we want the images to be appealing, attractive and also truthful. It’s counterproductive to take deceptive photographs as when a guest checks in they want to see in front of them the property that they expect. This way they will be excited and happy to have arrived on holiday, rather than disappointed which can lead to them looking for fault.

Photo shoots can be weather dependant. It is always best to get photos on a bright sunny day whenever possible, with lots of natural light, and for those properties with sea views, we want to be able to really make the most of them! So we really appreciate you being flexible with photo shoot dates and times, to enable us to wait for the weather and get the best images.

What you can do

Setting the scene and ‘dressing’ the property for pictures makes it more alluring to prospective guests. Studies have shown that consumers have an attention span of only eight seconds, so the photos have to catch their attention quickly before they click away; we want people browsing for holidays to see the photos of your property and stop for a closer look.

The aim is to enable guests to imagine themselves there, having a family dinner or sitting with a glass of wine and a good book looking out to a beautiful coastal view, and to achieve this a property needs to look welcoming.

If you are unable to prepare the property then we will do our best to make it look inviting, however if you are on hand then the following touches can make all the difference between a good photo and a great one!

Setting the scene

Set the dining table with table mats, crockery and glassware, and add some extra touches, such as a jug of orange juice, a fresh loaf of bread and jar of jam. Alternatively, a vibrant bowl of fruit can add colour and interest, or a bottle or wine and dish of olives can suggest a scene that guests might want to replicate.

Ensure the sofa cushions are plumped and that elegantly draped throws are laid out to portray a warm and cosy feel. If you provide your own bedding make sure that it is clean, freshly ironed and crease-free. Tastefully co-ordinated and matching bed linen is most appealing, nothing too bright or brash.

Seasonal flowers can bring a space to life, adding natural colour to neutral rooms. Try placing a vase of beautiful blooms in the main living area for a welcoming look.

Clean and clear

Ensuring the spaces in your property are clean and clear of clutter is fundamental.

For guests to be able to envisage themselves there, the surfaces must be ordered and calm, any magazines, toys and games stowed away, and personal effects hidden out of sight. Tidy away all cables for TVs and other electrical items, or tack them unobtrusively along the skirtings.

Maintain the property

Check that all the lightbulbs are working and replace any that are not. On each visit to your property scan the rooms to evaluate whether a fresh coat of paint would be beneficial, or to pick up on any little maintenance tasks to complete. The devil is in the detail, and well cared for properties will reap the rewards of repeat customers and of being recommended to others.

For the exterior, make sure the grass is cut (if applicable) and any weeds removed before the photo shoot. Outdoor furniture should be cleaned down and patios swept. Please move any cars away from the property, so that we can take wide shots of the exterior and guests will clearly be able to see where they can park. It also means that parked cars will not show up through the windows in photos that have been taken from indoors.

Keep us up to date

Since guests make their holiday choices based on the images they have seen, it is important that the reality matches their mental images. Therefore, if you make any changes to your property such as a different colour paint on the walls, a new sofa, curtains, or of course any more extensive work, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange new photography and continue to attract ever more guests.

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