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Quick wins

It’s often the littlest things that can make the biggest difference and turn a good review into a great one!

After enjoying a day in the surf, discovering there’s no hair dryer at your holiday property isn’t the end of the world, but it is an inconvenience. As is not being able to find a serving spoon to dish up the family dinner, or being one wine glass short for the number of people staying. These little details are easy to rectify and can greatly improve a guests’ experience, making for hassle free, happy holidays, minimising complaints and maximising rebooking opportunities.

Here we highlight some of the small ways you can make a big impression…

First and foremost

A noticeable house sign is a must. For most of our guests, getting to Cornwall has entailed a long journey, and tired travellers are desperate to find their holiday spot quickly and easily so they can get straight in and relax. Make it as easy as possible for them with a clear house sign prominently displayed and any allocated parking spaces clearly marked.

Essential utensils

Guests anticipate a home from home experience and so a well provisioned kitchen is expected, especially when many take the opportunity to cook up big family feasts to share together. Take it from us, we’ve been asked more times than we can remember for a particular type of spatula, a potato masher or roasting dish. We are always available to deliver the items that have been requested, but guests would of course prefer these things to be immediately to hand. Take a look at our inventory list to ensure your holiday home has all the essentials guests expect.

Sleep easy

A good nights’ sleep is important for all of us, but especially so when away on a relaxing holiday. Ensure you’re offering your guests comfort with good quality bedding, pillows and mattresses which should all be regularly checked and replaced when necessary. If you have a high turnover of guests the mattresses may get soft and need to be changed quicker than you would change yours at home for example, and pillows and bedding can get thin, or stained. A general rule of thumb is ten years lifespan for a mattress and two years for pillows, but these are guidelines only and bedding should of course be replaced sooner if it is getting worn, lumpy, or uncomfortable.

Another way to aid good sleep is to provide black out blinds and curtains in the bedrooms to avoid early morning wake up calls, or late night street lights shining into the rooms. Black out window coverings are also a great benefit to offer in children’s bedrooms where little ones may be put down for an afternoon nap.

The great outdoors

Keep the great outdoors where it belongs with good quality door mats and perhaps even an outside shower or tap if your property is by the beach and can provide one. After a busy day exploring the dunes, sandy feet can be rinsed off or wiped clean before entering the house, saving guests the need to sweep up quite so often by keeping the mess outside.

For rainy stays an umbrella stand is a god send to avoid slippery floors, and by providing coat hooks at the entrance, outdoor hooks for hanging wetsuits and beach wear, and a washing line for wet towels, guests will feel that their needs have been well catered for.

Safety first

Ensuring your holiday home is safe for their little ones is paramount for parents. There are also a number of safety features that are legal requirements and must be adhered to in holiday lets. Read our blog on these important points to make certain that your property is safe.

Tech savvy

Technology is now an integral part of our lives and is expected by guests, but can also benefit you as an owner too. By providing WiFi in your holiday home you’re not only enhancing a guest’s stay, but also enabling them to share their favourite holiday photos – therefore promoting your property – with friends and family. Please ensure the team in the Duchy Holidays office have your WiFi code, and also leave it on the router so that it is accessible and easy to find.

A smart TV, Netflix or freeview channels are always appreciated, and in some cases now even expected. USB charging points for phones are also an easy add for your property to make it even more appealing and to provide for needs that guests may not have even thought of themselves!

Welcome folders

We provide a welcome folder for each property which must be left on display as it contains legally required fire safety information. These welcome folders are also a handy guide for guests, with information ranging from where to eat and drink, to local walks and dog-friendly beaches.

If you have any specific information that is pertinent to your property (its quirks, appliance instructions or perhaps interesting history) please add it into the welcome folder so that guests have this information to hand and can easily find the answers to any questions they may have.

By pre-empting what guests will want and paying attention to the little details, you can provide an excellent holiday home that people will remember, recommend and want to re-book time and again.

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