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Furnishing your holiday let

The furnishings in your holiday let are a fundamental consideration. They should be both durable and attractive, sturdy yet stylish; grabbing the guest’s attention for that all-important first impression, but above and beyond this they also need to be comfortable. The ease and comfort that a guest encounters will influence their whole holiday experience, and their subsequent reviews, so it’s key to get it right.

Make your rooms photogenic

Holiday homes have to look good in photos, both for our website and also in guest’s pictures! Your guests have saved for and dreamt about this holiday and they want it to be wonderful. They also want to show off to their friends and family the beautiful place they’re staying in, so help to increase the Instagram potential by thinking about how the furniture will look in photos.

Over filling a room with furniture will make a space look smaller and more cluttered. Try to make a room feel as spacious and airy as possible with clear surfaces and avoid pushing the larger items up against each other. Furniture that doesn’t go all the way to the floor (such as sofas with legs) will help to open the space up more.

If your property has stand out features, make the most of them by choosing furniture to complement and enhance. Ensure that windows with lovely views are on show, not partially covered by large items of furniture, or by fussy window dressings. Elegantly drawn back curtains, or an understated raised blind, should draw the eye to the view rather than to the dressings themselves.

Overall, neutral colours on the walls are easier to maintain and coordinate, allowing rooms to be updated with accessories when it needs a freshen up in the future. Add warmth and character with pictures and paintings, cushions, throws, rugs and soft lighting lamps.

Don’t skimp on quality

We appreciate that furnishing a property is costly, however opting for cheaper items can be counter-productive as they won’t last as long, and don’t look as good. Guests will recognise well-known items from popular stores, and they’ll also know the value.

Therefore, a mix of good quality durable furnishings, with some stylish but more inexpensive co-ordinating items can work well. Seek out matching pieces that fit with your property’s theme for a seamless style, showing that thought and consideration has gone into the appearance, and to avoid a ‘thrown together’ look.

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