Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

11th September 2020



We are now taking bookings and open for guests from 4th July 2020.

What do I do if I live in an area with high of very high restrictions in place?

Please contact us if you have a holiday booked and your local area is put into High or Very High restrictions. For those in High risk areas; holiday travel is still permitted for households only. You may not travel with more than one household. For those in Very High risk areas; holiday travel is not advised.

What do I do if my booking is for seven or more people?

Please contact us to discuss your options. We are unable to accept any bookings for more than six individuals (this includes adults/children/infants) as of Monday 14th September. You can reduce your party size, transfer your holidays dates (at the same property, within a 12 month period), credit your account for later re-booking or request a refund.

Accommodation for NHS/Key workers

We have self-catering accommodation available to NHS, emergency and key workers. If you are an emergency care/key worker in need of accommodation, please get in touch via


My balance is due, do I need to pay it?

If you have paid a deposit, your remaining balance is liable for payment.

Can I book a holiday for later in the year?

We are continuing to take bookings from 4th July 2020 onwards and are reviewing all the COVID-19 restrictions as and when they are updated.

Please note any bookings made after lockdown for July onwards are subject to our standard terms and conditions, unless further government restrictions prevent travel. If you decide to cancel, when there are no restrictions in place, you will be subject to our standard refund policy and no refund will be given, unless the property can be re-let for all/or part of your booking dates. See our full terms and conditions here, including amendments relating to travel during the pandemic.

What happens if I have been advised to self-isolate?

Please contact us if this is the case and we can discuss your options, including transferring your holiday dates.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my holiday?

If you have holiday booked after 4th July 2020 and choose not to travel, outside of the government restrictions (disinclination to travel) then our standard cancellation terms will apply. Click here to see the terms and refund policy. A full refund will not be applicable. Please contact us if you have any concerns or circumstances you wish to discuss.

Please check with your travel insurance provider, if you are able to claim for your holiday cancellation, please let us know and we will process it for you. We can also offer to provisionally hold alternative dates for you, if you wish to rebook once your insurance provider has paid your claim.

What happens if I develop symptoms or are contacted by Test & Trace?

If this occurs either before or during your stay, please contact us immediately to discuss your options. It is recommended you travel to your home address for support from your registered healthcare provider and family/friends/community whilst you isolate.

If you are unable to return home and isolate in the property, all costs and fees relating to all affected bookings will be borne by the guest

Is there VAT on my holiday?

As a letting agent, the reduction of VAT does not apply to our business. It is solely applicable to the direct provision of accommodation, therefore there will be no change to our tariffs or VAT charges. 

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