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Prep your property

Now the new year is behind us, we’re starting to gear up for this year’s season. With summer on the horizon and easter just around the corner, here’s how you can make sure you’re ready for guests …

Last minute bookings are still extremely popular, so it’s always good to be prepared for extra bookings and organised to ensure your summer season (and guests’ experience) run smoothly.


Make sure you have enough bed linen and towels ready to go, and extras for late bookings or guest requests! If you would like us to take care of your linens, get in touch and we’ll send you a quote.

Welcome hampers

These create a fantastic first impression! If you decide to provide your own, ensure you have enough stock and check for any dietary requirements: remember never to include any nut products! Cornish Food Box can provide a Cornish welcome hamper in a bespoke Duchy Holidays tote bag; get in touch for prices and ordering.


If your property has been closed up over the winter now’s the time to check that the hot water, heating and electrics are all in working order.

Maintenance emergencies

Do we have your up-to-date details for plumbers, electricians and tradesmen and have you advised us of a minimum spend on any quick-fix maintenance issues? If a guest reports an issue, it’s vital we can deal with it quickly. Please ensure we have your details and preferences so that people are on hand to deal with any problems that may arise.


Is your itinerary up to date? And do you have all the kitchen utensils, supplies and amenities that your guests are expecting? Check that there are enough glasses, cups, plates and cutlery for your number of guests, and that they are in good condition. A season of hard wear can mean some chips in crockery so take a look and replace if necessary, ensuring that you have spares too, just in case!


It is very likely over a busy season you might find some minor breakages occur, so check and replace ahead of your first arrivals.


Look over your garden furniture for any damage, and get your garden ready; clear weeds, trim back any bushes and overhanging branches to ensure access is clear and a welcoming first impression is presented.

Welcome folder

Please make sure that the Duchy Holidays welcome folder is on display for guests at all times, it has legally required fire safety information as well as useful details for your guests.

Guest book

Have you got a guest book ready for the year? If you provide one it’s always best to invest in a new one for a new year of bookings. We can add any guest feedback from your book to your property listing on our website.

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