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Our housekeeping service

We offer a reliable cleaning and linen service, giving you peace of mind with every booking.

All properties must be fully cleaned and provide fresh linen for each booking. On fortnightly bookings a mid-way clean and fresh linen is offered to the guests. When a property has been empty and requires a freshen up prior to guests arriving, this service will be charged at 50% of the cost of a usual clean.

Our competitive rates for 2022 are based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property, and our linen and towel hire service includes delivery and collection. If you would also like to supply towels for your guests, we can arrange this service.

Cleaning charges:

Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms Cost £ (plus VAT)
1 1 £68
2 1 £78
2 2 £95
3 1 £105
3 2 £112
3 3 £112
4 2 £128
4 3 or 4 £154
5 3 or 4 £160


Linen charges:

Bed Size Cost £ (plus VAT)
Single £14
Double £18
King £20
Super King £22


Towel charges:

Towel Type Cost £ (plus VAT)
Tea Towel £1.75
Hand Towel £3.50
Bath Towel £6.80
Basics Set* £7.00
*includes a bath mat, a tea towel, kitchen scourer, j-cloth and bin liners.

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